How to Increase Productivity With a Smartphone Holder

How to Increase Productivity With a Smartphone Holder

Boasting technologies such as scheduling and time management tools to help you keep track of your day, voice-triggering mechanisms to shortcut web searches, cloud synching to consolidates various information in a single location, and even meditation apps to help you keep your cool amidst all the hustle, if there’s one reason to purchase a smartphone in 2020, it’s to increase productivity. 

This is, after all, the very premise of a device like an iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy––that it will help you become more efficient.

Of course, it’s much harder to do any of this while fumbling your phone through your hands in moments that make it more difficult to hold. This is where a smartphone holder comes in handy...pun intended.

Without further ado, here is Screenflair’s short guide on how buying a smartphone holder will make you more productive from day 1.

How to Be More Productive At The Office

Are you a professional with numerous projects in tow all at once, toggling often between your phone and your computer? Well, with a holder for your smartphone, engaging with both devices simultaneously becomes lightyears easier. In fact, you could even say that, given how smartphones really are tiny computers, getting a holder for yours makes it...well, a bit more like a desktop. 

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How to Be More Productive In The Car

You guessed it. There’s no way this list would be complete without mentioning how useful smartphone holders are when you are driving. And it’s pretty obvious why: a smartphone holder keeps your device in view, and both hands on the wheel. This means you can follow GPS flawlessly, put on that new seasonal playlist, more easily give your phone voice commands to make calls or send messages while on the road, or show off your fierce phone case when stuck in traffic, and most importantly, all hands-free.

Daily Chores

Whether you’re in the kitchen, at the grocery store, or mowing the lawn, odds are there will be times in the day where both hands are occupied. In these moments, a smartphone holder makes it easy to make a call, send an email, take verbal notes, or even watch your favorite college sports team play a game, all while never losing sight of the task at hand. Seriously, a smartphone holder will make everyday burdens a breeze.

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Up Your Efficiency With Screenflair

Smartphones are meant to increase productivity. Screenflair is here to make sure that’s the case with yours. 

Screenflair’s catalogue of customizable smartphone cases, holders, and screen protectors offers safe and stylish products, designed to protect and individualize your phone without compromising on quality or value. With a wide assortment of products to match every major smartphone out there, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Visit our online shop and find the perfect smartphone screen protector or case today!

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