How to Shop for the Best iPhone Screen Protector

How to Shop for the Best iPhone Screen Protector

There are few feelings more gut-wrenching than dropping your phone and picking it up to find its screen has been scratched, chipped, or worst of all, cracked. Beyond being aesthetically displeasing, a broken screen can impair your phone’s ability to function, and to properly repair one, you’re often looking at a three digit bill.

This is why it’s crucial to invest in a quality screen protector. With so many available, however, how do you even start narrowing down options?

Thankfully, when it comes to distinguishing between the superior and the inferior of iPhone screen protectors, Screenflair has done the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to. Take a look below at our pro-tips for making sure your purchase is picture perfect each and every time.

It’s Got To Be Scratch And Water Resistant

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Whether your screen got rained on, or was nicked by a sharp edge, the best screen protectors out there guard against both liquids and solids. Any blemish or mark that appears should be superficial and never go beneath the surface of the protector itself.

Responsivity, Responsivity, Responsivity

We can’t repeat this enough: a professional-grade iPhone screen protector should respond to your fingertips with the same sensitivity as your phone’s screen. This means no lagging, dragging, or falling behind on your commands.

Keep An Eye Out For Ease Of Installation

Installing a screen protector to your iPhone should not require any special skills or expertise. A quality screen protector will be easy and seamless to apply with your hands, nothing else needed. What’s more, if you mess up the first try, a good one can be easily re-applied with little to no extra fuss. 

Make Sure It Doesn’t Block Your Camera

You’ll know you’ve bought a sub-par iPhone screen protector if, when you try for a selfie, it’s obvious that the protective covering is obscuring the front camera and skewing or smudging its lens in a way that is seemingly unalterable. Top notch screen protectors are designed so there should be no interference with your camera, no exceptions. 

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You Shouldn’t Notice It (Unless You Want To...)

A good screen protector is sleek, thin, and virtually impossible to see or feel once installed. It should be case-friendly and air-tight, meaning that no dirt or small particles should show under its surface and expose it. In fact, there should be only one reason that you notice the protector at all: if you choose one that comes with a unique design around its edges.

Screenflair Has The Very Best In iPhone Screen Protectors

An iPhone is a big investment. Treat it like one.

Each customizable 3-pack of Screenflair screen protectors provides the most in style and security, designed to protect and individualize your phone without compromise on quality or value. With a wide assortment to match every model out there, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Visit our online shop and find the perfect smartphone screen protector or case today.

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