iPhone Cases: Exploring Screenflair’s iPhone Case Options

iPhone Cases: Exploring Screenflair’s iPhone Case Options

Given the virtually limitless amount of ways to personalize the technology in your iPhone, Screenflair thought it would be fitting to make that the same case for...well, your iPhone’s case. 

Sure enough, we offer one of the largest selections of fashionable and durable iPhone cases anywhere online, and while exploring every single one would take more time and we (or you) can afford, here are some of our favorite categories to help you put that individual touch on your phone that you’ve always dreamed of.


Animal iPhone Cases

For all the pet people out there, we have you covered –yes, even you, old cat lady from down the block. Between fierce tigers and goofy sunglasses-wearing dogs, from the gut-busting “fried chicken” design all the way to the one of a lounging and cocktail-enjoying frog, there’s sure to be something in our catalogue–realistic or ridiculous–that hits the heart strings only slightly less than the real, living thing it depicts.


National Flag iPhone Cases

What better way to celebrate your heritage than with an iPhone case of your country’s flag. Whether you hail from Mexico, Canada, or the good old US of A, your phone will be there to share in your national identity time and again. 

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Patterned iPhone Cases

Maybe you're big on zebra stripes or leopard prints. Perhaps something more floral suits your fancy. Or is it coral that floats your boat? Whatever patterns catch your eye, Screenflair is sure to have them. We offer unparalleled selections of colorful paisleys and warm plaids, and more options for lava-lamp-like marblings and mandalas than anywhere else online, all to make sure your phone, like yourself, radiates authenticity.


Food iPhone Cases

Foodies fear not––our collection of delectable iPhone cases is sure to have your mouth watering. With options like ice cream, french fries, beer, and even pumpkin spice for all you lovers of autumn, a reminder of your favorite food item is never farther away than your pocket (food items sold separately). 

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Custom iPhone Cases!

Even our near-infinite selection of premade designs is not in fact infinite. Which is why we crafted a “create-your-own” tool, the ultimate way to ensure that your iPhone case will be one of a kind. To customize your own, start by selecting the case design that matches your particular iPhone. From here, you can select for durability and functionality––we offer tough, flexible, and clear cases. Finally, the fun begins: our customizer gives you the ability to upload your own images, and up to four of them, this way the limits of your phone case’s design are few and far between.

Cutify Your iPhone With Screenflair

We’re sure your iPhone is cute as a button, but why not make it cuter!? Screenflair is your new one-stop-shop for cases, screen protectors, and holders for your iPhone or Samsung. From custom cases to a wide assortment of designs and colors, no matter your flair, we’ve got a case for you! Visit our online shop and find the perfect smartphone case or screen protector today!

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