Samsung Cases Online: 3 Samsung Phones that Can Benefit from a Case

Samsung Cases Online: 3 Samsung Phones that Can Benefit from a Case

Move over iPhone, there’s a new smartphone in town. Well, not exactly–– Samsung phones have been around for quite some time, but more recently they’ve begun to give Apple’s iconic mobile device a run for its money. Whether in the Galaxy series or the Note collection, Samsung smartphones are known for their speedy processing power, robust memory storage, ergonomic screen design, and competitive pricing, so it’s wonder why so many are choosing them over alternatives.

If you’re on the fence, let us help you. Here are 3 popular Samsung phone series that can benefit from a Samsung case...especially from one purchased online through Screenflair.

Samsung Galaxy S Series

Samsung’s flagship phone and reply to Apple’s iPhone, the Galaxy S series is everything you want in a smartphone––a sleek, sturdy, water-resistant design wrapped around a generous screen that has lightnin- fast responsiveness, long-lasting battery life, and arguably the best camera in the smartphone game. 

The Samsung Galaxy series is an ideal phone to purchase a protective case, since the frame and larger-than-average screen are vulnerable to an untimely drop. Whether you’re a proud owner of an S9, S10, or the brand-new S20, you’ll find the right case with a perfect design through Screenflair. Take a peek at our collection and don’t forget that you can always customize your own.

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Samsung Note Series

If the S series is a bit too pared down for your taste, then Samsung’s Note series will be right up your alley. The Note series is Samsung’s high-end line of smartphones that are designed to function like small computers, or as some like to call them, “phablets” (a tablet and a phone combined), stylus included. The Note series is perfect for note-taking, scrapbooking, art design, and multi-tasking, and is all around one heck of a technological marvel, so it’s ideal to have a case to protect it.

Screenflair offers a variety of customizable cases available online for Samsung Notes, Plus, Ultra, and Pro. With Screenflair, you’re sure to find the perfect balance between utility and sophistication.

Samsung Galaxy A Series

Sitting slightly beneath the S series in quality, Samsung’s Galaxy A series still packs a punch, and features similar technologies, including full screen display and under-screen fingerprint sensors. Even though the price range of the A looks more agreeable than the S or the Note, that’s no reason to leave it caseless.  A customizable case from Screenflair should do.

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Secure Your Samsung With A Samsung Case From Screenflair

A  Samsung phone is more than just an investment. It is an extension of yourself and your interests, which is why Screenflair offers an awe-inspiring, on-trend selection of personalized phone cases and accessories guaranteed to protect and beautify your device all in one go.  

 Each customizable Screenflair case or screen protector provides the most in style and security, designed to protect and individualize your phone without compromise on quality or value. Don’t wait another second. Shop with us today!

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