Samsung Cases vs. iPhone Cases: Which Has the Better Cases?

Samsung Cases vs. iPhone Cases: Which Has the Better Cases?

In this polarized world, if there’s one thing the jury’s still out on, it’s which smartphone is better––a Samsung or an iPhone. And no wonder: both ergonomically designed devices boast a world-class list of available apps, cutting edge camera technologies, hyper accurate GPS, and much more. 

To make this decision more difficult, each device has virtually limitless choices when it comes to purchasing a protective case. From the light-weight and most stylish, to the burly and rugged, choosing the right case for your Samsung or iPhone can require filtering out the good from the bad, the necessary from the unnecessary. 

Right now, though, there’s only one concern: which of these two smartphones has better case options? It’s a big question, and thankfully one that Screenflair is prepared to answer in the guide below.

iPhone Cases

Let’s start with the iPhone. The first thing to note is that, just like the wide range of possible versions of the phone (7, 8 ,X ,11 etc.), there are an equal amount of cases to match. iPhone cases can be made of plastic, leather, wood, silicone, carbon fiber, and even metal, each of which offers varying degrees of flexibility, durability, and functionality. 

For each iPhone model, you have an almost daunting amount of ways to customize your case. Companies like Screenflair offer tons of trendy options for adding a personal touch to your iPhone’s case, including  superimposing your own images on the back.

samsung cases iphone cases

Samsung Cases

Like the iPhone, Samsung devices come in lots of shapes and sizes. Luckily, so do their cases.  You’ll find options for grip, functionality, flexibility, and resilience in silicone gels and heavy-duty plastics, and can decide between your favorite styles and patterns, whether that means floral explosions, psychedelic swirlings, or even a chic caricature of your favorite food.

With Screenflair, you can even customize your own Samsung case, meaning that your imagination can come to life with a few clicks.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, there’s no right answer. In the modern age, with companies like Screenflair on the scene, both Samsung cases and iPhone cases can be individualized to fit the needs of just about everyone, whether aesthetic, utilitarian, or both. Better yet, both kinds of cases are entirely affordable and relatively close in price for their respective benefits.

If you take away one thing from this investigation it should be that no matter which device you prefer, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find the perfect case that protects it and speaks volumes about who you are. 

samsung cases iphone cases

Express Yourself With Screenflair

Phones say a lot about who we are. And we rely on them for the important things, from charting a route to buying birthday gifts. For the most stylish cases around, look no further than Screenflair, the premier provider of personalized wrap-around phone cases online and nation-wide. Browse our catalog of new arrivals or create your own today!

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