Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Exploring the Journey from Start to Finish

Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Exploring the Journey from Start to Finish

With smartphones as technologically advanced as they are in the modern age, there’s almost nothing they can’t accomplish. Even better, with all the millions of apps available, your particular device is guaranteed to be only slightly less unique than yourself. The one catch? As customizable as their software may be, most modern smartphones all look, well, pretty darn similar.  Luckily, there are Screenflair’s custom phone cases, the easy–and affordable–way to make your device fashionable and distinctive, all while ensuring its safety and security. 

Thanks to our 3D custom case designer tool, you’ll have your phone aesthetically in a league of its own within minutes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Select Product

The first thing you’ll notice when you begin to create your Screenflair custom smartphone case is that you’ll select your preferred brand, either Apple or Samsung.  Simply choose which category is right for you, then scroll down to find the model of your phone: for iPhone cases, we offer models for the 6s all the way up to the brand new 12 Pro Max, and for Samsung cases, a range of different options for the Galaxy S series, as well as the Note series. As simple as this step may seem, it’s crucial to get the specs right so that your dream case fits like a dream too.

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Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Select Layout

Our Create-Your–Own Tool gives you four layout options, meaning four different ways to mix and match images, art, monographs, etc… Once you settle on a layout, the tool will automatically move you forward to the next step. 

Decide that you actually prefer one image to four? No problem. You can always revert back to this stage and re-select the layout that you’re sure to love.

Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Select Image

Now here’s where the fun really begins. With a layout set and a model chosen, your canvas is ready for your magic touch. You can select from our vast catalogue of seasonal designs and stylish patternings, or you can upload your own images. Once you’ve selected your lot, the design tool lets you shift and rotate them around, increase or decrease their respective sizes and even add sleek filtering effects such as sepia, vintage, aquatic, and more. Trust us, the more you explore, the more you’ll be surprised...and delighted.  

Screenflair Custom Smartphone Cases: Add Text

Last but most certainly not least, you’ll be prompted to add text, and can do so in a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to let your creation speak for itself, but now’s the chance to share something straight from the heart. Either way, text or no text, there are a million and one ways to individualize your smartphone case with our custom design tool.

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Bring Out The “i” in iPhone With A Custom Smartphone Case From Screenflair

Nothing feels as good as being yourself, which is why Screenflair offers an awe-inspiring, on-trend selection of personalized phone cases and accessories to match your personality. Each Screenflair case provides the most in style and security, designed to protect and individualize your phone without compromise on quality or value. Visit our custom case page to get started!

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