The Top 3 Options for Protecting Your iPhone

The Top 3 Options for Protecting Your iPhone

For many in the modern era, daily life both relies on valuable electronics and poses a threat to them. Whether it’s the toilet or the ground, the sticky fingers of a child or unanticipated weather, there are a million and one reasons to invest in a case that protects your iPhone and its screen from unwanted damages. Today, we highlight the four types iPhone cases that are sure to get the job done.

iPhone Screen Protectors

Made from plastic, film, and/or glass sheeting, screen protectors are both the first and last line of defense for your iPhone, helping to keep it free of scratches, cracks, bullseye, and blemishes. Ideally, a screen protector should be touch-responsive and have no noticeable effect on the usability and convenience of your device. 

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They are a great way to help protect your iPhone, since they are often inexpensive and easy to replace when worn. Screenflair offers a variety of screen protectors, with or without stylish graphics, in bundles of 3, so you get the most bang for your buck.

iPhone Tough Cases

Tough cases, also known as hard cases, are ideal for people who want no compromise when it comes to protection. They are often molded from hard plastic, and have a rigid, inflexible body that provides the best defense against high-impact collisions. Tough, however, does not always mean bulky. 

Screenflair offers premium tough iPhone cases that are sleek and perfectly contoured to not take up any more room than they need. And best of all, you can choose from over hundred of sharp, trendy designs to make your case one of a kind. Better yet, you can customize your own!

iPhone Flexi Case

In contrast to tough cases, flexi cases, also called ‘flexi cases’ are more elastic, and are often made with silicon or a similar gelatin-like substance. While not quite as durable as tough cases, flexi cases are ideal for their shock absorbing capabilities and minimalist design. For many, flexi cases feel less unwieldy than hard cases, and still confer similar advantages, such as protection and cushion from cracks, dust, and dirt.

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Furthermore, flexi cases are often quite grippy, making it less likely that a device’s owner will drop it unexpectedly. Just like our tough cases, with Screenflair you can pick from an unparalleled catalogue of different designs for flexi cases, from patterns to nature scenes, and even our signature collegiate collection!

iPhone Clear Cases

Clear cases are much like tough cases in that they are manufactured from hard plastic and designed to protect your iPhone from high-impact incidents. The difference is that, as the name suggests, the shell itself is clear and exposes the phone itself behind the design. This means that whatever design you choose or create, it will look all the more stark against the background of the iPhone.

Happiness Is Only A Case Away

Screenflair is the industry leader in fresh, thoughtful phone cases that blend style and security into satisfaction. Between thousands of pre-made designs and our cutting-edge customization tools, you can rest assured that your phone—just like yourself—will be one of a kind.

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