Custom Instructions

Custom Case Design Steps

1. Select the brand & phone model for your new custom case.

2. Choose between Matte & Gloss.

Now you can use our custom Screenflair personalized accessory editor to create the perfect case stylized to you!

3. Add up to 5 different images on the left. Add custom artwork or a photo of your choosing.

4. Add custom text with the box with the "T" symbol on it. 

5. Use the paint bucket to use a custom color to add to your case.

6. The "Centre" button can be used to center graphics, text, etc.

7. "Flip View" switches your phone view from vertical to horizontal.

8. "Rotate" & "Zoom" features are there for you to rotate & zoom-in on your case preview.

9. Once you are finished, you can get a 3D preview of your case!

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